No Deposit = No Appointment

All appointments require a $50 deposit to secure a booking. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to reschedule an appointment. The amount will be deducted from the total cost. The remaining balance will be due on the day of your appointment.

**Consultation $10 deposit**
We still require $10 deposit to secure your booking for this complimentary consultation. Deposits will be deducted from your total treatment cost.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours is required to reschedule an appointment or your deposit is forfeited. If you choose to cancel your appointment, you will automatically forfeit your deposit.


The Most Relaxing & High Demanding

Biologique Recherche Treatments

Two stages and Hyper-customized treatments based on your skin INSTANT and condition.

Every BR treatment includes two stages;

  1. Initialization stage : Cleansing with lymphatic drainage massage, P50 PH balancing exfoliators based on skin, Purifying and Stabilizing mask application with different types of skin relaxing massage techniques.
  2. Treatment stage : Quintessential serums or targeted serums, Creams, and finishing serums.

This true oxygenating treatment restores radiance and glows to stressed and dull skin instants, perfect for busy lifestyle people whose skin is constantly exposed to external aggressors. Rich in moisturizing botanical ingredients and the Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex to restore the natural balance of the skin, and enhance the regeneration and revitalization of the top layer, epidermis, leaving it smooth and glowing.

Peeling aux Acides de Fruits - 90MIN/ $225

Chemical exfoliation stimulates fibroblasts and new collagen production, promoting skin regeneration. Rich in AHA, BHA and PHA, it causes a chemical exfoliation on the epidermis to remove dead cells from the surface through desquamation and to promote cell regeneration. The flower acids, which are gentler, help limit skin irritations. A series of regular sessions will improve the quality of the epidermis, reduce pigmentation marks, remove impurities and comedones, and make complexion brighter and more even. Thank to Biologique Recherche for the most innovative formulation for the skin.


Rejuvenating, Calming and Hydrating Facial.

Having a hard time to hydrate skin enough? You will need this treatment. A deep rebalancing and re-building lipid layer facial treatment with a noticeable firming and plumping effect. Skin will be able to breathe, will feel deep hydration, fine lines will get smoothed and overall facial contour will be plumped.

LOTION MC 110 – 90MIN/ $225

Deeper PH balancing and Exfoliating Facial.

A treatment that skin will get deeper exfoliated, toned and plumped in a most gentle but effective way. Skin appears clearer, firmer and younger-looking. Very helpful to decongest skin with the congested condition.

LIFT C.V.S – 90MIN/ $225

Super contouring, Lifting, Retexturizing and Nourishing Facial.

Facial contour will get continuous lifting and shaping during this treatment. Proper mask, depends on skin instant, will be followed, you will experience noticeably brighter, baby skin like softer, and tighter skin. 

Package of 3 Treatments

Receive a complimentary ADD-ON: Purchase a package of 3 targeted treatments and enjoy one complimentary Celluma LED light therapy treatment.

Package of 6 Treatments

Receive a complimentary ADD-ON: Purchase a package of 6 targeted treatments and enjoy three complimentary Celluma LED light therapy treatments.


Have more for your special facial treatment to enhance the lasting effects.


P50 VISAGE $50




Package of 3 : $2100

Most multi addressing and superior skin treatment solution at REFINE medispa. You want to tighten facial contour? You want to lighten pigmentation? You want to correct acne scarring? You want to have a better way to control your irregular skin concerns (including acne)? Here is your answer, FRACTORA. You will see the most effective and noticeable skin tightening and complexion – evening. Simply you will fall in love with skin again.

  1. Addresses multiple problems, including the appearance of the skin, with fractional coagulation and ablation.
  2. Significant resolution of cystic acne and scars (improving acne scarring by 50%)
  3. Safe on skin type VI with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is common with other resurfacing methods.
  4. Combination of fractional coagulation and volumetric heating through tips with various depths and pin density configurations.

Package of 6 : you get your 6th session for free. ($190 saving)

3 simple yet powerful steps, Exfoliate, Infuse and Oxygenate. This typical treatment will not only be renewing skin but let your body produce Oxygen to continuously brighten skin, which eventually helps with skin anti-aging and unifying skin. 30 min session of CELLUMA light therapy is included (worth $100).

Add on of RF skin tightening AND Ultrasound $150


  1. Skin Plumping & Hydrating
  2. Restore skin volume
  3. Renewed youthful glow
  4. Increased Collagen
  5. Reduced hyper-pigmentation
  6. Improved skin cell production
  7. Reduced appearance of wrinkles

Safe for ANY skin type!

MICRONEEDLING eDermastamp - $450

Package of 3 : you get 4th session free and each time after microneedling eDermastamp, you can get your oxygeneo as ½ off.

Why only care about your skin top layer? Focus on empowering your core health, inner skin health, by boosting more collagen to do real plumping to skin. This treatment will be a nice alternation to BOTOX or filler. In fact, we believe that microneedling treatment is a better way to age gracefully. This treatment results in thicker and more supple skin. Result? You will love your skin again.

Key factors

  1. Safest Micro-Needles
  2. Fastest Motor on the Market
  3. Non-Ablative
  4. Electric device for consistent performance
  5. Licensed by Health Canada

PRO TIP: COMBINE THIS TREATMENT WITH HYPER CUSTOMIZED BIOLOGIQEU RECHERCEH FACIAL or Superboost OXYGENEO. Each facial will definitely help to boost more collagen production to the skin, resulting in firmer and brighter skin faster.


Package of 6 : $840

Acne treatment

Hyperpigmentation treatment

Skin rejuvenation treatment

Skin tightening


Package of 6 : You get your 6th session for free.

Based on skin instant, proper chemical peel or hydrating mask will be add to each treatment.


Package of 6 : You get your 6th session for free.

Based on skin instant, proper chemical peel or hydrating mask will be add to each treatment.

Freezpen Cryotherapy - $60~$200

Freezpen utilizes Nitrous Oxide gas, when released its temperature is at – 89°C, immediately freezes the affected lesion.

You will expect to see blisters that will flatten within 2 to 3 days and should fall off within 2 to 3 weeks. You may need several treatments with liquid nitrogen to completely remove an abnormal growth of tissues like moles, skin tags, brown spots, etc.

Mole removal

Small to medium size dark spot removal

Unwanted lesion removal

Laser Hair Removal

Upper lip – $35 / Cheeks – $55

Underarms – $80 / Chin – $45

Full face – $120 / Neck – $95

Upper arms – $120 / Lower arms – $120

Sideburns – $55 / Bikini – $110

Brazilian – $140 / Full legs – $305

Upper legs – $200 / Lower legs – $200



Before your permanent makeup procedure:

  1. A client must not have used Rein A and/or acid ingredients three days prior to any permanent makeup procedure.
  2. A client must refrain from the use of alcohol, caffeine, aspirin, aspirin-containing medications, ibuprofen, or any blood thinner for 24 hours before.
  3. If you are planning for lip PM done, and have any history of cold sores or fever blisters (herpes simplex), you will have to contact your physician to obtain the proper prescription to prevent outbreaks, resulting in loss of pigments.
  4. Remove eyelash extensions before your permanent makeup appointment. Refrain from getting new eyelash extensions for 7 days following.
  5. Please note you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.
  6. Any waxing, brow shaping or tinting must be done at least 3 days in advance.

After your permanent makeup procedure:

Aftercare is crucial, it is very important to follow these instructions for the full 10 days to ensure proper healing and color retention. Results will vary for all individuals and we can not guarantee your results.

  1. Let your brow tattoo DRY HEAL for the first 10 days following the procedure.
  2. Keep the area clean and let it breathe
  3. NO water, cleanser, cream, makeup or any other products on the treated area for 10 days.
  4. 4-5 hours after the procedure, clean the area with sterile water and a cotton pad or gauze and allow to air dry.
  5. DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking can cause scarring and pull the pigment out.
  6. Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 3-4 weeks after the procedure.
  7. No chemical peel, facials, Botox, acid treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
  8. No sauna, steam rooms, pools, massages, facials, and skin treatments during the healing process.

3-6 month touch up $75

6-12 month touch up $150

1-2 years touch up $300


3-6 month touch up $100

6-12 month touch up $175

1-2 years touch up $350


3-6 month touch up $100

6-12 month touch up $200

1-2 years touch up $500


Package of 3 : $400

At Refine Medispa, you will see real LIFT of lashes from base to tip and no damage to your lashes with premium quality solutions to use during lash lift treatment. Each and after treatment, you will get to see full length of lashes, hence eyes will look brighter and bigger.

How long does a keratin lash lift last?

  • The lash lift can potentially last 8 to 12 weeks. You will see really nice results for the first four weeks. The average person sheds 4-5 lashes a day, so at five weeks 30 t0 40 percent of those lashes will have been shed with new ones (they are straight) growing in their place.

How do you maintain a lash lift?


  • Rub your lashes for 24 hours.
  • Get your lashes wet for 24 hours.
  • Use harsh products or oil-based makeup removers.
  • Take a steamy, hot shower for the first 24 hours.
  • No eye makeup for 24 hours.
  • Go swimming for at least 24 hours.

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